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How Much Does It Cost To Unlock A Car?

Opening your home as soon as possible is so vital when you lose your keys or lock your keys inside your car. It’s because lockouts can cause delays to your schedule and may get you in a dangerous situation in times when you’re parked in a dangerous spot or you left a child left unattended locked inside the car.

However, if you don’t have much experience in hiring locksmiths, you may end up in a situation where you don’t have enough money to pay for the locksmith. To help you, this article will cover every factor that affects how much it can cost, so you can get a solid estimate of how much you’ll need to have prepared.

The factors affecting the cost of unlocking a car

  • Hourly rate – When you hire a locksmith for any service, you’ll be charged an hourly rate separate from the fee you have to pay for the actual service. This fee pays for how many hours the locksmith must spend to do the job. Most of the time, though, it shouldn’t take longer than an hour for auto locksmiths to unlock cars. During business hours, the hourly rate is $50 to $100 but goes up to $75 to $125 in emergencies.
  • Lockout service – The actual lockout service can cost $40 to $60 during business hours. But, this can rise from $60 to $80. If the lockout has brought you into a dangerous situation, you’ll have to pay a much higher price to get back into your home, so be prepared.
  • Trip charge – When you hire a locksmith, they’ll have to drive to your place or wherever you’re parked around their service area. And, driving around isn’t free, which means you’ll also have to deal with a trip charge, which depends on how far you are from the locksmith. The trip charge goes from approximately $50 to $100 but can increase much higher during emergencies or when you’re in a really far area that’s hard to go to.

How much you’ll need to prepare

If you need a locksmith during business hours, it would be best if you could prepare at least $160 for the locksmith who will unlock your car. You’ll need to prepare more cash during emergency hours, around at least $185. Of course, it will never hurt to prepare more money.

But, you don’t have to walk in the dark here. To have a really good estimate, you can also ask the locksmith company for a quote before they send a locksmith to see if you can afford it and have time to prepare the money.

When looking for a locksmith to unlock your car, don’t just look for a reasonable price, though. Make sure that the good price comes with high-quality work. If you’re looking for an effective and affordable home lockout service, get in touch with Express Locksmith.

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