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How Long Should It Take The Average Locksmith To Unlock A Residential Door?

When hiring locksmiths, you can’t just wait for the locksmiths to arrive at your home and go to work while they unlock your doors. It’s not how it goes. When you hire a locksmith, you’re supposed to be there watching them work, mainly because they’ll have access to your home.

Furthermore, they might also need you to be there if they have questions or need some help.

This short guide will explain how long it should take the average locksmith to unlock a door lock.

Why you need to know how long it will take a locksmith to unlock your residential door

A locksmith service takes time, and since you need to be there during the entirety of the service, it will also take a chunk of your time. Knowing how long it will take lets you know how much time you’ll need to take out of your schedule, especially if you’re taking a bit of time out of work to oversee the locksmiths unlocking your door locks.

Furthermore, by being there, you can ensure that you’ll be charged the correct amount for the hourly rate. Finally, since most locksmiths will need you at home while they work, it’s only fitting to know how much you’ll be waiting for them so that you can adjust your schedule for the day.

Factors affecting the duration of a residential lockout service

How long it’ll take a residential locksmith service to unlock your door locks depends on many factors. You might not have even thought most of them would be a factor. Sometimes, a lock will take a locksmith just a few seconds, while some will take them an hour to open. Why? Because of these factors:

  • Type of lock – Every kind of lock uses a different type of locking mechanism. It means each mechanism has a different degree of difficulty to unlock. Of course, the more secure a lock is, the harder it is to open.
  • The number of locks – Generally, homes use two locks for their doors: a doorknob and a deadbolt. Sometimes, it’s just one, and some other times, people use three or more door locks. All these locks will take time to unlock, and since they’re probably all different types of locks, the time needed to open them can also vary.
  • Security features – With many locks today coming with anti lockpicking, anti lock bumping, and other security features out of the factory, locksmiths need to be more creative in opening the locks, as the additional security features found in modern locks make them harder to open for both locksmiths and burglars, which is still a good thing for your security, of course.

The duration in which a locksmith can open doors can highly vary. However, you might not have too much time on your hands, so Express Locksmith is just a call away if you need locksmiths who can quickly open your door at an affordable price.

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