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Are Locksmiths Required To Ask For Proof Of Residence Before Breaking Into An Apartment?

Are you worried that someone can just call a locksmith, go to your apartment door, and have a locksmith open your apartment unit without any proof of residence, so they can infiltrate your apartment and do whatever they want? Or are you afraid that you might not have any time to show proof of residence to the locksmith during emergencies?

These are all legitimate questions that need honest answers, and this article will make sure that you’ll get everything you need to know about locksmiths, apartment units, and proofs of residence.

The answer

Yes, any legitimate and trustworthy locksmith company will always ask for proof of residence before starting to work on opening a home, especially when the client is asking for an apartment unit to be opened.

Locksmith companies ask for proof of residence to ensure that when you ask for your apartment doors to be opened, it’s really your apartment. When someone gets a locksmith to open somebody else’s apartment, the locksmith company will be an accessory to the crime, and no locksmith company wants all that trouble.

Of course, most apartments don’t provide any document that’s proof of residence. You need to come up with it yourself by showing any IDs or documents that prove you live in the apartment.

For example, you can show your driver’s license to the locksmith, provided that it shows the apartment as your address.

Yes, it’s a hassle when you’re in a rush or don’t have immediate access to any proof of residence during emergencies. Still, it’s a hassle that you have to work around, so locksmiths only work on the right apartment units for the right apartment owner.

Extra tips when looking for a locksmith to break into your apartment

  • Look for a licensed and insured locksmith company – You don’t want to deal with your landlord if the locksmith company damages the apartment in any way. To get a responsible locksmith, make sure that they’re from a licensed and insured locksmith company.
  • Go for a local locksmith company – A locally-owned and operated locksmith company that hires local locksmiths is always the best choice. By getting locksmiths from the same place as you are, you can get better service for the money you pay, which isn’t always the case when you get locksmiths from big locksmith companies that are owned and run from faraway places.
  • Inform your landlord – Even if you’re calling your trusted locksmith, it’s no excuse not to tell your landlord that you’re letting a locksmith into the apartment to get it open. You’re renting, but the apartment is still your landlord’s property. Your landlord may even help you or refer you to a better locksmith if you’re lucky!

Asking for proof of residence makes sure that the locksmith’s skill and expertise will be used to help people in need. If you need a locksmith for your apartment, Express Locksmith is just a call away.

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